Cordless Wireless Earbuds- A big disappointment and a pleasant surprise: Samsung Gear Iconx 2018 vs. Antimi S8

I use headphones mainly to listen to podcasts while bicycle riding. I know, I should probably not do that- but it makes long bike rides much more pleasant. Switching from headphones with wires to “wireless” headphones was nice, and I could imagine that it would be even nicer to get rid also of the wires between the two earbuds. No more wires to get entangled with the straps of the helmet.

So after reading and watching some reviews I bought the Samsung Gear Iconx 2018 as my first pair of “truly wireless” earbuds. At first I was excited. No problems to connect the earbuds to my phones, good sound quality- and really as comfortably to wear as I thought.

However, soon the volume on one side became very low. After some research in forums on the net I learned that this seems to be a very typical problem. The remedy was supposedly to remove a white membrane. Then the volume on the second side became low. Same procedure. Unfortunately, this was just a temporary fix- after some further use one side went dead for good. Maybe I should have known better than to buy a gadget from a company that is known for exploding cell phone batteries! I guess I should consider myself lucky that for their earbuds they thought of another design bug. It would probably be highly unpleasant to have a battery exploding in the ear.

Unfortunately, once I experienced the comfort of “truly wireless” earbuds, it was hard to go back to phones with connecting wires between the buds. So I decided to buy a new pair, but I did not want to take the risk to waste my money on a Samsung product again- or on any other expensive brand name product. On Amazon I found offers for several cheaper earbuds- and I saw very good reviews for the “Antimi S8-Plus”. I never heard of the brand “Antimi”- the name sounds like something from a Science-Fiction: the gadget from Antimi. The earbuds are sold at roughly 1/3 of the cost of the Samsung junk, so I thought the risk of buying them was not too high.

Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised. They just work without problems. Admittedly, they are not quite as comfortable in my ears as the Samsung buds were, and the case is a little larger and heavier and probably does not look as stylish. However, the case contains a relatively large (supposedly 3000mAh) battery and can be used as a power bank. Which suits me well- as an iPhone user, I need to take a power bank with me everywhere I go anyway.

So sometimes an inexpensive no-name product can be vastly superior to a brand name product- at a much lower cost!

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