Road Bike Mudguards/ Fenders TOPEAK DeFender RC11 and SKS S-Board

I understand that mudguards add to a bicycle’s weight and air resistance, so it is probably a good idea to ride without them during a race. However, I very rarely ride in races, and for my everyday biking I do not mind sacrificing some weight and air resistance to gain some comfort.

And with mudguards I do feel much more comfortable when riding in wet conditions – and I also feel more comfortable when cleaning the bike afterwards. Therefore, I have some big mudguards permanently installed on my city bike and my hybrid bike, and I decided to get some clip-on mudguards also for my road bike.

I got the “DeFender RC11” from TOPEAK for the rear, and the “S-Board” from SKS for the front.

Mounting theses mudguards was done in a couple of minutes- and dismounting can be done in a couple of seconds. Both come with mounting instructions, the “S-Board” also with a QR-code to an installation video. It even came with a little hex wrench for adjustment – but in my case there was no adjustment needed.

Even though they are light-weigh and easy to mount and dismount, they seemed to be amazingly sturdy during the ride. I did not notice any rattling. In fact, in dry conditions I do not notice them at all. I am sure during heavy rain they do not protect as well as the big mudguards on my city bike- but their protective effect is definitely noticeable.

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